Piano Guild Auditions

Developed in 1929 as a division of the American College of Musicians, the Piano Guild was intended to help piano teachers and their students set and exceed music learning goals. The original “tournament” featured only 46 entrants, but that has now expanded to thousands across 850 audition centers.

This year we have the distinction of being an audition center here in the Piedmont. Local and regional piano teachers and their students are coming to our showroom to enter a judging process in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique.

Based on a score, students have access to scholarships, medals and plaques, and their teachers can win diplomas and national recognition. Students can participate in several different programs among genres, like jazz and duets.

To celebrate this event, we want to make sure every home as a piano and we have extended our silent auction. This week is a great time to come into our showroom yourself and find out how you can start learning to play piano in your own home, at a price you didn’t know you could afford!

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