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The Beauty and Value of European Pianos

In Europe, the profession of “piano maker” is celebrated the way that those in the US and other countries emphasize the work of doctors or lawyers. Ambitious makers begin their journey with a nearly four-year apprenticeship before working for several years before reaching mastery level.

Because of the high skill level required to become known for pianomaking, European pianos from makers like Bechstein, Seiler, and Brodmann retain their value steadily throughout generations. The Bechstein Model 8 Concert Vertical (pictured above) that we currently feature in our showroom was handcrafted in 1982 from natural walnut as in near-new condition.

Seiler is another pianomaker of note, and the love and passion for music can be seen in each hand-crafted detail of this piano. It’s an instrument that needs to be seen and played to truly be appreciated. Don’t hesitate to stop into our showroom and ask more about this amazing piece.

Brodmann is the third pianomaker we feature in our showroom. These pianos boast the same quality and craftsmanship as the music world has come to know from prestigious European pianos.

Please check our hours and social media pages to learn more about how you can play these beautiful instruments and even make one a part of your home!

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