We believe that pianos are more than just an instrument. They are an investment in art. It is a privilege for us to be able to showcase several rare, collectible pianos with impressive provenance right in our showroom!

Below you'll find more information on these museum-quality pieces. Come visit in person to see these masterpieces and learn more about the stories that make them so special.

Steinway 150th Anniversary Edition

Steinway celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2003, and to mark the milestone the company released two limited-edition pianos. This semi-concert grand has a case made of East Indian rosewood and signed by Henry Steinway, grandson of William Steinway -- one of the members of the founding family.

Vintage 1925 Steinway A3

This vintage Steinway Model A3 Grand piano performs as if it were a 7-foot Semi-Concert Grand, but measures only 6'4'' long. Made in 1925 and fully rebuilt since, the ebony finish gives it a striking look that would look truly grand against any style of decor.

Personalized Steinway Model M

Rich-looking and even better sounding, this vintage Steinway Model M was hand-selected at the factory by the late John Steinway himself. It was then presented as a gift from grandparents who wanted to instill the love of music in a new generation.

Vintage Steinway Model L

Owned by a musician, this vintage Steinway Model L Grand piano measures in at 5'10.5". It retains its beautiful ebony finish but has been expertly refurbished, restrung, and action reconditioned. New hammers were added and the piano has been meticulously regulated and voiced. This is truly a magnificent instrument!

Vintage Steinway circa 1867

Originally built in 1867, this amazing vintage patent Grand piano from Steinway measures a statuesque 7'2'' in length. Records suggest that this very piano was made for the Wanamakers, a prestigious Philadelphia family who founded the department store by the same name.

Rare Erard circa 1887

While Erard doesn't currently manufacture pianos, they were one of the first piano makers to exist and grew from the love of one musician and instrument maker Sebastian Erard. This Concert Grand Piano was built in 1887 and handcrafted in France out of ornate rosewood, and this piano is totally original -- no rebuilds!

Rare Ascherberg-Perzina Grand Piano

This incredible Grand piano has quite the history! French born record label founder Count Numa Labinsky made this piano part of the Wyastone Leys Estate. Count Labinsky's Nimbus Records label was responsible for reviving the faltering careers of many pianists, including Vlado Perlemuter, Youra Guller, Hugues Cuenod and Shura Cherkassky.

Rare Vintage Steinway Model M

This is a lovely Vintage Steinway Model M ebony satin piano from Steinway’s golden era. This beautifully refurbished 5’7” grand piano has been refinished, restrung and has new hammers and dampers, new key tops and ebony sharps. It is serial number 215023 and is the 23rd piano completed in 1923.