Piedmont Music Center offers an array of different services to help our customers keep their instruments in prime condition to preserve their investment.  Whether it’s tuning and regulation, moving, or selling we have a dedicated team of individuals that we work with to make sure that you receive the professional help that you require.

  • Expert Piano Instruction

  • Tuning and Regulation

  • Repair and Rebuilding

  • PianoDisc Installation

  • Expert Piano Moving

  • Single Event Rentals

  • Storage

  • Piano Appraisal

  • Consignment

Expert Piano Instruction

We have a vast network of piano instructors that take on students of all age and ability levels. Whether you are 5 or 95, we will match you with an instructor who will guide you and help boost your skills and your confidence!

Tuning & Regulation

Tuning is the adjustment of the system of strings and pins that determine the pitch of each string. Regulation attends to the mechanical parts which cause strings to sound when keys are played and affect the sound through the pedals. We are in touch with many very talented tuners from the Piano Technicians Guild that are situated all around the state and will be happy to put you in touch with an individual in your area.

Repair & Rebuilding

Rebuilding means disassembly, inspection, and repair as necessary, including replacement of ALL worn, damaged, or deteriorated parts. Your piano is then reassembled, tested, and adjusted with tuning and regulation. 

PianoDisc Installation

PianoDisc’s music library has long been recognized as the largest and most comprehensive in the world and contains thousands of songs in every genre. The most masterful and moving performances of the world’s top musicians, recreated and played back perfectly on your piano. Or the ability to record and play back your own performances. 

Expert Piano Moving

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, we have a list of trusted movers that can be contracted to help you move your piano to your chosendestination. Not every moving company is equipped with the correct tools or the know how to disassemble and resemble your instrument. Entrust your investment to piano moving professionals.

Single Event Rentals

What makes an event more special than live music? We are happy to provide rentals for your special day. Certain stipulations apply, please contact the store for more details, we will be happy to assist you in getting what you need for your event.


If you are in need of storing your piano either short or long term, we offer climate controlled storage for both vertical and grand pianos.

Piano Appraisal

We are qualified through more than fifty years of dealing with multiple brands of pianos to provide expert valuation of your piano.


We accept pianos on consignment for resale. Please contact us for an appointment for us to speak with you about your piano.