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The New Brodmann Piano

Piedmont Music Center is proud to be an official dealer of one of the oldest piano builders in the world, Brodmann Pianos. Favored by Beethoven himself, the Brodmann Piano is one of the world’s most celebrated European instruments. It’s tone is both dynamic and natural and is as beautiful in performance as appearance. Centuries of Viennese craftsmanship started by Joseph Brodmann, himself and then continued with his world renowned pupil Ignaz Bösendorfer have been passed down to make the Brodmann piano of today.

Compare Brodmann to Steinway & Sons! We invite all pianists to discover the Brodmann piano model PE-187 6’2” Grand Piano and Model PE-212 7′ semi-concert grand piano. You may notice and discover a striking similarity in touch, sound, dynamic range, projection, performance, and scale design to the Steinway & Sons Models A and B respectively. These remarkable Brodmann instruments are priced at a fraction of the cost of the comparable size (length) Steinway & Sons Models A and B.

Prussian born Joseph Brodmann came to Vienna in his youth and apprenticed under piano builder Frederick Hoffmann. By 1796 Brodmann became a citizen of Vienna and as was tradition, and set up his own piano manufacturing workshop. This paved the way for entirely new and wonderful innovations that would help advance the piano into the instrument that we know it as today, including his 1825 Patent for triple-laminated soundboards that increased string tensions which were required by the professional performers of that time.

All of Brodmann’s brilliant advancements to the painoforte of the period laid the groundwork for his most ingenious pupil, Ignaz Bösendorfer to take over the company in 1828, Bösendorfer labeling all of his releases the year following the transfer with his name, and “Brodmann’s Pupil”. That star pupil would go on to become one of the most iconic names in history as it relates to pianos, and his pianos are still considered to be some of the best in the world.

Joseph would retire completely from the company in 1832.

The Vienna of Brodmann’s day was an epicenter of music and new composing. Driven by aristocracy sponsorships, and the growing popularity of public performances, instrument makers were pushing the boundaries to meet the demand of what composers were expecting out of the instruments they wrote for. The piano was often the center of so many works due to it’s ability to convey such expressive qualities, but also because it could project it’s sound out further than many other instruments.  

Carl Maria von Weber was known to have an affinity for Brodmann’s pianos, purchasing one for himself in 1813. It has been said that von Weber preferred the Brodmann piano, as it was a Viennese instrument with a very light touch and narrower keys, and that he felt it enhanced his own natural gifts.

von Weber’s son Max, was also quoted as saying that one of the masterpieces his father was revered for, the opera Der Freischutz, was composed on that very Brodmann piano that his father bought in 1813.

The construction and sound that were favored by von Weber and Beethoven is still alive, and can be heard in each note as it’s played on a Brodmann. Quality materials and a dedication to honor the company’s heritage goes into the craftsmanship of every new Brodmann piano. It has never been easier to bring a quality instrument into your home, than it is today.

We have a lovely array of Brodmann’s for sale in our showrooms, and the ability to custom order a range of sizes and finishes for our customers. We invite everyone to come and play a Brodmann to truly experience for themselves this truly dynamic and lovely instrument.


The Brodmann PE 187 is one of the most popular models in the Brodmann family of grand pianos. The features that distinguish this 6′ 2″ grand are the precision of the touch and clarity of the sound. The scale design uses the same components as Brodmann pianos that are many times the price. Using predominantly German components and hand assembly, the sound and touch are nothing short of perfection.

Brodmann has engineered a new model specifically designed for institutions that prefer the sound of Brodmann pianos, the PE 126I.

The features that make this model different include the Boston type, slow close fallboard along with the extended music desk for larger scores and songbooks. It also features larger casters and toe block to make it more mobile for an instrument that might need to move about a space, which makes it an ideal performance instrument for institutions and professionals

This vertical has an outstanding balanced touch with a  European scale design delivers the classic rich tones of Brodmann and the reliability you have come to expect.