Yes – we’re still open!

For a long time now, many drivers have traveled past our showroom on Broad Street and have seen large signs advertising our liquidation sale. While it’s true that we’re in the process of a transition, our showroom is still open regular business hours.

Changes are happening all around us in Winston Salem, and we want to keep up with the evolution. Piedmont Music Center is being liquidated to create a new entity that will help revitalize the public’s interest in the acoustic piano.

There will be more news to come about Pianoforte Carolina but in the meantime we’re starting our work by sharing the news – we’re still open for business! We have a wide variety of upright/vertical pianos in our showroom at prices that every household can afford, especially families that are just beginning to learn how to play.

Stop in when you’re near our store downtown. We are kid-friendly and have delivery options and will work with any budget!

Steinway Piano Winston Salem NC

Steinway 150th Anniversary Model M

Legendary piano company Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853 by German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway and his sons in New York City, which was at the time one of the major centers of the piano-making industry in North America. Henry was a master piano-maker and built his first piano in the kitchen of his home in Germany.

Henry and his sons developed the modern piano over the next four decades, patenting the most significant technologies in the piano industry. Legendary pianists such as Paderewski, Rachmaninoff, as well as prominent contemporary pianists — Ramsey Lewis, Roger Williams, Billy Joel, Harry Connick Jr., Diana Krall, among others are part of the 1,300 performers that are counted among the honorable title-holders of “Steinway Artists.”

In 2003, Steinway created the 150th anniversary of its hugely popular Model B grand piano.

“A recreation of the instrument used by the famous Polish pianist Ignace Jan Paderewski on his dazzling concert tour of America in 1892-93. Among the striking period details are the carved, fluted legs and the exquisitely carved music desk incorporating a Steinway Lyre in the centre reflecting the elegant and classical Victorian furniture design of the late 19th century.”

Steinway & Sons

We have the opportunity to feature one of these very limited editions in our showroom in Winston-Salem. Not only is it a highly collectible instrument, but it has also been hand-signed by a grandson of Henry Steinway — making it even more rare and desirable. Please call Chris Fulk for complete information at (336) 724-9612 or (336) 577-1954


Piano Guild Auditions

Developed in 1929 as a division of the American College of Musicians, the Piano Guild was intended to help piano teachers and their students set and exceed music learning goals. The original “tournament” featured only 46 entrants, but that has now expanded to thousands across 850 audition centers.

This year we have the distinction of being an audition center here in the Piedmont. Local and regional piano teachers and their students are coming to our showroom to enter a judging process in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique.

Based on a score, students have access to scholarships, medals and plaques, and their teachers can win diplomas and national recognition. Students can participate in several different programs among genres, like jazz and duets.

To celebrate this event, we want to make sure every home as a piano and we have extended our silent auction. This week is a great time to come into our showroom yourself and find out how you can start learning to play piano in your own home, at a price you didn’t know you could afford!

Pianos Piedmont Music Center Winston Salem NC

Ascherberg-Perzina Grand Piano

One of the most spectacular vintage and collectible pianos we have in our showroom is this historic Ascherberg-Perzina Grand Piano. It’s the former touring piano for famed Count Alexander Numa Lubinsky, a nightclub singer-turned-concert pianist, and performer and has been restored to its original glory.

Count Lubinsky was born to Russian and French parents in England in 1925 and was quite involved in the worlds of art and music as an artist himself and later as a nightclub singer before touring as a bass performing concerts all over the world. His beloved Ascherberg-Perzina followed along to accompany him.

In 1972, Lubinsky joined with Michael and Gerald Reynolds to establish Nimbus Records in the UK. The record company was known for a music recording concept called Ambisonic surround-sound, an innovative approach developed by mathematicians. Nimbus was also the first company to press compact disks in the UK.

Under the name Shura Gehrman, Lubinsky (also spelled Labinsky in some publications) produced several records of his own singing, the quality of which is polarizing among critics. However you can hear the Ascherberg-Perzina as his accompaniment.

Perzina pianos boast cutting-edge (for the time) features such as a floating soundboard, reverse-crown soundboard, super-stretched bass bridge, along with top-quality materials and craftsmanship. This particular Ascherberg-Perzina is no exception, and deserves to be a showcase in your home — both to play and to admire!

Please call Chris Fulk for complete information at (336) 724-9612 or (336) 577-1954 and to learn more about this amazing opportunity to own a true piece of music history.